• Introduction of Intucell offering to prospects in international markets
  • Leading the technical & marketing presentation and discussion with the prospects
  • Focal point for customer relations from introduction to trial and commercial engagement
  • Preparing written proposals and presenting them
  • Developing personal relations and establishing professional trust with prospects
  • Analyzing and consolidating customers’ feedback into roadmap recommendations
  • Matching customers’ expectations to Intucell’s product portfolio and consolidating basic solution architecture


  • 2-5 years’ experience in global pre-sale
  • Background as 3G engineer (preferably senior engineering management position) in a cellular company. Deep understanding of cellular Radio Access Networks
  • Radio planning and optimization: tools development / network planning
  • Bachelor’s Degree (B.Sc./B.A- computer science/engineering )
  • MBA- advantage
  • Consultative solution selling skills
  • High business operational acumen
  • Excellent teamwork and communication skills
  • Fluent English. Other languages are a major advantage
  • Must be comfortable with very frequent international travel

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Sales Support Engineer


  • 3-5 years’ experience in deployment and engineering of GSM / UMTS radio networks
  • Knowledge of Huawei, Ericsson UMTS equipment and systems
  • Pre- and post-sale experience with cellular operators is a major plus
  • Knowledge and experience in IP networking, project management – major advantages
  • Willingness to travel
  • Integrity, motivation, flexibility

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Professional Engineer


  • LTE Integration & Support
  • 4 Years of experience in UMTS Radio Access Networks
  • Network design, configuration, commissioning and integration of nodeBs and RNCs
  • Drive Test, KPI and call trace analysis
  • Development of customer documentation
  • Very good English
  • Team work
  • Considered to be self-taught and dedicated

Relevant Experience (Alcatel- Lucent. And/ or Ericsson)

  • L2 and L3  Back office Technical Support
  • LTE Integration & Support
  • Consultant  abilities for design and support L2 and L3
  • Field  knowledge

Formal Education

  • LTE ePC Engineering Control Plane
  • LTE eNodeB Integration and Configuration
  • LTE RF Deployment
  • LTE Solution R3 Overview
  • LTE Solution – 5620 SAM Integration
  • LTE eNodeB Engineering Overview
  • Fundamentals (LTE & MPLS Management)
  • RAN R3.0 Technical Overview
  • LTE End to End Solution R3.0
  • Unix Shell Scripting Basics
  • LTE R2.0 Introduction to Radio QoS and Traffic Monitoring
  • LTE R1.1 Radio Algorithms and Parameters Description
  • LTE RAN Radio Principles Description
  • LTE RAN R1.1 Technical Overview
  • Network Performance Optimizer for LTE
  • W-CDMA R7.1.2 NodeB Troubleshooting
  • UTRAN Engineering Radio Performance Workshop
  • Evolved Data Analysis Tool (eDAT) for W-CDMA
  • Femto Cell W-CDMA Solution Overview
  • UTRAN and OAM  upgrade
  • Electrostatic Discharge and Calibration Certification
  • Feature Deployment & HSPA
  • IP RAN Secure Deployment Process
  • UTRAN Secure Upgrade Process
  • R7 Network Performance Optimizer Migration
  • UTRAN R7 Engineering Workshop
  • UTRAN R7 Engineering KTS
  • UTRAN Parameters and Algorithms, Alcatel-Lucent

Technical Support Context

  • Must – L1 – First line of defense. Basic Knowledge of the product
  • Must – L2 – Technical Support Center (TSC) – Advanced Knowledge of ALU/Ericsson  products continuous communication with experts
  • Must – L3 – Global Product Support (GPS) – Expert Knowledge in ALU/Ericsson  Products. Interacts with L2 for troubleshooting or R&D for Bug fixes
  • Optional – L4- Research & Development (R&D) – Development of new technologies and software bug fixes

Other Skills

  • Excellent handling of infomatics tools (My SQL, Linux, Solaris, WIndows, Office, Shell Scripting)

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