Intucell. Vision meets competence

Intucell was founded in 2008 with a brilliant idea and a mission to change mobile network management as we know it. In less than a year the company turned that idea into a commercial reality. Today the company’s SON systems are deployed by a number of leading mobile operators worldwide, consistently exceeding expectations.

Intucell delivers the world’s most advanced Self Optimizing Network (SON) solution. In fact, it’s the only real SON solution. With real time network visibility provided by the groundbreaking Virtual Drive Test, Intucell’s systems automatically tune the network to actual conditions as they develop and change. They perform thousands of micro adjustments, dynamically adapting to demand – instead of jumping from one static working point to another. The result: users’ quality of experience improves, bandwidth-hungry services such as video streaming run more smoothly, effective network capacity is expanded.

Facing the crunch

Intucell’s dynamic SON tackles the most acute challenge of mobile operators worldwide – the surging demand for mobile data, following the rapid rise in the use of smartphones and mobile broadband. Operators need not only to provide additional capacity but also must handle much more dynamic traffic patterns. A handful of subscribers, using bandwidth-hungry services, can push cells to congestion anywhere, anytime.

Working with operators

Intucell engages with mobile operators both directly and together with its strategic partners, which include some of the world’s leading telecommunication equipment providers. The company’s proposition to mobile network operators is simple: install our system and see a tangible improvement in a number of KPIs such as dropped calls rate, data throughput and level of congestion. To demonstrate these benefits Intucell typically start a deployment with a trial in a limited part of the network. Before every such trial a number of clear benchmarks are defined together with the operator. Intucell has always exceeded these benchmarks.

Trials are followed by commercial deployment, where Intucell provides licenses to install its technology across the network. And since the system only needs a single connection to the IuCS/PS interface a full roll out is completed in weeks. In every deployment Intucell’s professionals work with the operator’s engineers to define the specific needs of the network and the combination of products and modules that will best answer these needs.

Intucell become a key partner to operators in helping them to meet business and operational policies such as bandwidth allocation, service prioritization and customer tiering.

Fast-growing company

Intucell is expanding rapidly and has offices in the United Kingdom and Singapore and an R&D center in Israel. It is headed by an experienced management team that combines rare technological brilliance and deep commercial experience. Among its team are some of the world’s leading experts in mobile radio technology, with experience ranging from planning entire new networks to developing breakthrough RAN access technologies.

Blue-chip investors

At the beginning of 2011 Intucell announced a major investment in the company by Bessemer Partners, one of the world’s leading venture capital funds. An investor in companies such as LinkedIn, Postini, Skype, Staples, VeriSign and Yelp, Bessemer has been consistently successful in identifying and backing winning companies. One of its partners, Bob Goodman, has said about Intucell: “this is one of the most innovative, network-improving technologies we’ve ever seen”.