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AT&T and Intucell Win Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award

AT&T and Intucell are this year’s winners of the Global Telecom Business Innovation Award in the ”wireless network innovation” category. Intucell’s Self-Optimizing Network (SON) technology is deployed by AT&T in several markets across the US, improving mobile network quality and providing customers with a better user experience.

Intucell’s dynamic SON automates the engineering-intensive task of optimizing the Radio Access Network (RAN). Its intelligent system identifies in real time faulty or underutilized cells – and adjusts their configuration, thus creating a “breathing network” that constantly adapts to demand patterns.

Results from the field show the Intucell’s SON delivers as much as a 10% improvement in call retainability, 10% improvement in throughput and 15% reduction in overloading. AT&T plans to finalize its nationwide deployments by 2013.

“It’s an honor that Intucell together with AT&T has been identified as a leader in innovation in the wireless network”, said Rani Wellingstein, Intucell’s CEO.


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