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AT&T Is Deploying Intucell’s SON Technology as Part of Latest Wireless Network Upgrades

Collaboration at AT&T Foundry results in increased capacity, self-healing networks, and improved call retention

(Feb. 24, 2012) AT&T has begun deploying Intucell’s SON (Self-Optimizing Network) technology across its U.S. wireless network, as part of AT&T’s ongoing efforts to further enhance network reliability.
Intucell was introduced to AT&T in April of 2011 through the AT&T Foundry innovation centers, which are designed to bring innovations to market 3x faster.

One way Intucell’s SON improves network quality is by detecting when too many users are connected to a single tower, where neighboring towers could serve the same calls. Intucell’s SON then instructs the nearby towers to either join in helping to maintain the call, or in some cases to expand their footprint to cover some of the users on the overloaded cell, while the overloaded cell shrinks. It does this automatically in real time, rather than requiring manual adjustments from human operators.

Initial field trial results from California and Georgia have shown as much as a 10 percent improvement in call retainability, 10 percent improvement in throughput speeds and 15 percent reduction in overloading. Based on that success, AT&T plans to deploy SON throughout its network this year.

“Intelligent network management like Intucell’s SON helps us improve network quality,” said John Donovan, senior executive vice president – Technology and Network Operations. “AT&T is always looking for innovations that lead to superior service and we often work through the AT&T Foundry model to speed those solutions to market.”

“The AT&T Foundry collaboration resulted in the fastest turnaround time I’ve ever seen from trial to deployment with SON. It led to AT&T being the first U.S. carrier to deploy our solutions,” said Intucell’s CEO, Rani Wellingstein.

About Intucell
Intucell is the first company to deliver dynamic and automatic management of mobile networks. Its dynamic Self Optimizing Network (SON) solutions are deployed by some of the world’s largest mobile operators. The company has offices in the US, the UK, Uruguay, Israel and Singapore.

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