Multiple Applications on a single SON platform


Intucell applications share a common platform that constitutes the world’s first true multi-technology and multi-vendor SON solution. It provides real time RF visibility of the entire Radio Access Network, using OSS data to automatically manage and synchronize the network elements centrally.

Intucell’s SON provides a series of automatic optimization applications which are synchronized and coordinated to deliver:

  • Reduced dropped calls rate ⇒

    Reduced dropped calls rate see example

    ANR reduces drop call rate

  • Improved multi-RAB capabilities  ⇒

    Improved multiRAB capabilities see example

    ANR Improves multiRAB capabilities

  • Higher utilization of available resources ⇒

    Load balancing frees loaded resources

    load transferred to less utilized cells

  • Better network coverage ⇒

    see example

    View of current Network conditions

  • Lower congestion (reduced admission rejections)  ⇒

    Load Balancing lowers congestion and admission rejections see example

    Load Balancing lowers congestion and admission rejections

In turn, these performance enhancements translate to significant business results to the operator, including:

  • Fewer site expansions
  • Lower backhaul costs
  • Improved quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE)
  • Reduced operational complexity and costs